The benefits of a squatting posture on the toilet

Do you feel uncomfortable when you sit on the toilet seat and go through intense strain? Are you constantly suffering from constipation? Are hemorrhoids making your life miserable? Are you a pregnant woman and fear to go to the bathroom because you have to bear a lot of pain while you sit down to use the bathroom? Do you really want to get rid of these stress, sufferings, and problems? But you don’t know the way to make your life comfortable. Well, we have the right solution to all of such problems which is JSY Jellyfish Storey Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool and this article is all about how this wonderful stool will make your life easy.

Do you know?

Constipation is very common among our young generation and studies have shown that this disease is on a sharp rise. While our diet plays an important role in bowel movement but the way we use our toilet is also equally important. Because the wrong position can lead to constipation, hemorrhoids, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), appendicitis and even in some worst cases heart attack as it has been proved by the studies.

Constipation is often defined as the having less than three bowel movements in a week and if the infrequent bowel movements or hard stools remain for several weeks then this situation leads to chronic constipation. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lowest part of your anus and rectum and it is also known as piles. Approximately about 75% of adults have this disease from time to time and sometimes it can cause itching, swelling around the anus, bleeding and sometimes, extreme pain.

The best way to prevent oneself from hemorrhoids and constipation is the usage of the squatting stool. Because the doctors and physical therapists also frequently recommend that the people who are likely to be harmed by constipation and hemorrhoids must use toilet step stool as this stool makes sure that we are in the best position by aligning the colon, intestines and digestive tract thus minimizing our chances to suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, intense strain, and other health issues.


Does the Sitting Position matter?Squatting position on the toilet

Your sitting position while using the bathroom is very critical for health, it must be proper otherwise it can cause different problems for you. Usually, a person sits on a toilet seat as he or she sits on a normal chair. This position makes a 90-degree angle between your body and hip. This position is extremely dangerous as it increases the chances of blocking your intestine, thus leads to putting extra pressure on your bowel. Another common mistake people make while sitting on a toilet seat is that they bend in the forward direction. As the people believe this posture may help them to exert more pressure easily on their bowls and thus leads to better excretion. But the fact is that this position is quite dangerous because it also results in the blockage of the intestine, thus you exert more pressure which results in more strain and consequently you suffer from health problems.

The correct and healthy way to sit in the bathroom is 35-degree squat position that doesn’t block your rectum which is the final section of large intestine that ends at the anus. As a result, it helps to excrete the feces smoothly. Similarly, the correct posture on the toilet seat reduces issues that happened due to weak pelvic and bladder issues. This ideal squat position can be achieved by using JSY Jellyfish Storey Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool in front of your toilet seat.

A Relief for Pregnant Women

During the pregnancy period, a woman experiences many health issues and complexities. Sometimes, it becomes a nightmare to go to the bathroom with a growing belly due to constipation and strain as she sits on the regular toilet seat, she has to bear a lot of pain. Now, pregnant women don’t have to worry about this painful experience as they can use an adjustable squat toilet stool designed by JSY Jellyfish Storey. This helps the pregnant women in defecation by passing stools faster, easier and more complete; thus, reducing the chances to suffer from constipation and hemorrhoid. Some childbirth experts believe that squat position helps to make the abdominal and thigh muscles stronger and prepares the body for natural labor. The squatting position has been considered as the natural position for labor and delivery.

A Relief for Parents

Training the children for the bathroom is a big problem for every parent because children are unable to tell their problems at this age. The uncomfortable experience at bathroom leads them to urinate in their pants. They may hide their wet underwear or even try to clean up the mess before you see it. They do all of these things in order to avoid the bathroom. So, along with other instructions and training, we have to provide them with a comfortable environment in the bathroom. The JSY Jellyfish Storey toilet stool is an invaluable potty-training tool that changes the bathroom manners of your children and makes it easier for them to learn how to use the bathroom independently by providing them a space to remove their pants and sit comfortably.


The JSY Jellyfish Storey adjustable bamboo toilet stool provides the friendly experience to all the family members including children, adults, and elderly persons.adjustable toilet stool

  • It is a 5 – position toilet stool that can be adjusted from 6 inches to 10 inches according to the comfort level.
  • It has non-skid pads along with a beveled top deck that makes it a safe and comfortable stool for the people of all ages.
  • It has been made from high-quality bamboo and has a natural and durable design.
  • It can withstand weight up to 300 lbs.
  • It has been designed to be sturdy, anti-microbial and is mold and mildew resistant.
  • It alleviates the straining, constipation and uncomfortable bathroom experiences by putting us in the right posture.
  • It is FSC certified toilet stool.

So, bring it home to improve your family’s bathroom experience.