JSY Jellyfish Storey Bamboo Toilet Stool For The Entire Family


We know you probably can’t fathom doing your business anywhere but on a modern toilet, but what if that’s not enough for your digestive & excretory systems? The benefits of a squatting posture on the toilet (as opposed to the regular one) are backed by clinical studies showing that: it aligns your colon & intestine into a correct position, it reduces bloating, constipation, haemorrhoids, straining, pelvic floor and bladder issues. The Jellyfish Storey toilet stool is the bathroom accessory that’ll help you achieve complete evacuation and stay away from common issues.

Poop stool


If you decide to upgrade your bathroom with a Jellyfish Storey toilet stool, you’re doing all your family members a favour. Our product adjusts from 6 to 10 inches for the most comfortable position anyone has ever experienced on the toilet. It helps pregnant women avoid pressure on the uterus, offers support to the elders & makes children feel physically secure. Hence – potty time turns into quality time by using only one product.


For Your Safety Tests JSY Jellyfish Storey Bamboo Toilet StoolIf environmental issues are within your area of interests, you’re probably wondering how did we take possession of the bamboo used for crafting this beauty. No need to worry – the Jellyfish Storey toilet stool is manufactured from bamboo grown into environmentally, economically and socially responsible forests (as proven by our FSC Certification).

Also, our product is 100% risk-free for anyone’s health. It has been thoroughly tested for 183 chemicals according to REACH, CPSIA & California Prop (aka the highest standards of impacts on both human health & the environment).

adjustable bamboo toilet stool


The Jellyfish Storey toilet stool’s design is both unique & universal. Its one-size-fits-all is suitable for any type of toilet, while the hand-crafted aesthetic gives a rustic touch to your bathroom, infusing it with comfort.


If space-saving is a top-priority (and it probably is, because who needs a cluttered bathroom?) you can easily tuck the Jellyfish Storey toilet stool away when not in use. It looks so good that your guests will probably believe it’s a coffee table.

adjustable bamboo toilet stool


  • Provides better posture & alignment for your colon and intestine to reduce constipation, haemorrhoids, bladder issues & other similar problems;
  • 5-Position Adjustability – This Jellyfish Storey toilet stool adjusts 6″ to 10″ for a comfortable squatting position for adults, elders, pregnant women, children;
  • Changeable non-skid plastic/silicone pads – must be mounted manually following the instructions in the package;
  • REACH, CPSIA & California Prop verified;
  • Manufactured from natural, eco-friendly bamboo – Our bathroom stools are sturdy, antimicrobial, mold & mildew resistant.

JSY Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool

Squatting is not beneficial exclusively for your glutes but also for your digestive & excretory systems. Our product lets you simulate this position on the toilet, which fixes your anorectal angle and helps you achieve a complete evacuation. In addition, it’s eco-friendly, cool-looking, easy to store & can be adjusted for each one of your family members in an instant. Make the best out of your potty time and release all that’s unnecessary!