The #1 product for anytime you have to do a #2.

Buckle up, our good looking potential customer!

Our Bamboo Toilet Stool is about to take you on the ride of your life.

Imagine this:

you’re sitting there, being awesome. Enjoying all the things an incredibly talented, fun and interesting person like you would do. Maybe it’s reading classic literature or simply pondering the viability of the Newtonian Laws of Gravity. Either way, all of a sudden, it happens.

You have to go to the bathroom. To use the toilet. To relieve yourself. Long story short, you’ve got to get whatever is in you, out of you.

Seems simple enough, in theory. But as you are well aware, the Newtonian Laws of Gravity pose some interesting ideas that make you wonder if you’re maximizing your toilet time as efficiently as possible.

The problem:

You’re all bound up, in an awkward position, you’re sitting on the toilet and your intestines are basically screaming at you from your insides shouting “WE’RE LIKE A GIANT PRETZEL IN HERE, FIX YOUR POSTURE, WE CAN’T GET ANY OF THIS STUFF OUT. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE”

That’s where the Bamboo Toilet Stool comes in to your mind.

You think:

I wish I had an eco-friendly, comfortable way to sit on the toilet so I could alleviate pressure, constipation, and uncomfortable bathroom experiences with a toilet stool that helps put me in the right position.”

See, we knew you were smart our bathroom visiting friend.

The Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool is so efficient, so thoughtfully designed and so effective, it will leave you feeling ten pounds lighter after a trip to the #2 factory.

It’s adjustable, anti-skid, eco-friendly and stylish. You might love this thing so much you decide to hang it off a gold chain and wear it like a necklace.

The Bamboo Toilet Stool is basically your colons best friend. Frankly, the Bamboo Toilet stool and your colon are like two peas in a pod. Or two colons in a pod. Call us Colon and Semi-Colon. Ahhh, but we digress. We mean, digest.

Consider us the perfect stool for your stool. The Bamboo Toilet Stool. Everything you’ve ever wanted, for the bathroom, all in one place.

If you’re wondering why choose the Bamboo Toilet Stool over other cheaper, more boring knock-off versions of our high quality product that are on the market, here’s a few reasons why the Bamboo Toilet Stool is the perfect choice:

  1. Extremely attractive product, just like you
  2. Can be stored easily or left out – which is fine, because it’s compact and won’t get in the way
  3. Fully adjustable, so whether you’re tiny or big, it’s all good
  4. Eco-friendly. Our product doesn’t crap all over the environment like others
  5. Makes the bathroom experience great again

Follow the laws of gravity. Help your body feel comfortable. Make the right choice. The choice of bathroom champions everywhere.

The #1 product for anytime you have to do a #2.

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