Bamboo Toilet Stool Reminds Us It’s Good to Be Alive

Let’s face it, going to the bathroom is an arduous task.

There are so many things involved in the process that sometimes it seems as if it would be easierif human beings didn’t have to go to the bathroom at all.

Just think about how many steps we all have to go through when we need to use the bathroom:

  1. Pay attention to your body so you even realize at all that you have to, in fact, go to the bathroom
  2. Get up from wherever it is that we are sitting and find a restroom. If it’s in our own house it’s a little easier, but let’s be honest, it’s still annoying
  3. Open the door to the bathroom, close the door to the bathroom. Gross. We didn’t expect to have to exercise today.
  4. Oh, I guess I have to take off my pants to make this whole thing happen. What a nightmare this has turned out to be.
  5. Finally, the pants are down, but I guess now I need to sit at some sort of weird angle where half my intestines are basically all turned around like this is some sort of weird game of Twister.
  6. Now it’s time to get down to business…and the horror show begins. Especially if you have hemorrhoids or constipation. It either hurts like hell, or there’s nothing coming out down south. Worst.

So, we’re six steps in and we still haven’t even gotten to the task at hand. Imagine that. So, what can make things better?

We’re about to blow your wig off (that is, if you wear a wig – if you don’t, we might just blow your sideburns straight off your face). Let us proudly introduce the Bamboo Toilet Stool.

Squatting stool

Imagine everything you’ve ever wanted for your bathroom experience all in one place:

Comfort, style, and most importantly – getting the job done.

The Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool is all of this and more. It looks awesome because it’s made of eco-friendly material (bamboo). It is super comfortable because it’s the perfect fit for any size – including children. Now here’s the part that is going to make you say, “Oh, snap, this is the best day of my damn life” – it gets the job done.

Look, we get it, hemorrhoids are a pain in the you know what. Fortunately, the JSY Jellyfish Storey Squatting Stool sets you up so you’re in a position that makes all that nonsense go bye bye.

Maybe you have constipation. That’s not fun. But guess what is? Solving the problem with the Bamboo Toilet Stool. You slide this baby out and use it whilst you’re on the toilet and all of a sudden, BOOM BABY – you’re dropping the kids off at the pool like it’s your job.

If you know what we’re saying.

Now maybe you’rereading this and thinking to yourself:

but what if I really don’t have a problem going to the bathroom?

Well buckle up hombre, because we’re about to change your life forever with the next sentence.

You don’t know how bad you’ve got it.

Maybe you’ve been able to handle going to the bathroom, but we can assure you – you’re not doing it in the most efficient, body friendly way possible.

The way you’ve been sitting on that toilet? Come on now. Not good. It’s like trying to squeeze a quarter out of a penny slot. It just doesn’t make sense.

The Bamboo Toilet Stool does everything you need to make sure the change is coming out of the machine the way it’s supposed to. Very quickly you’ll realize you feel better than you’ve ever imagined you could after a visit to el potty-o. That’s slang for “the toilet.”

So do us a favor, bring The Bamboo Toilet Stool your worst:

  • Bring us your hemorrhoids.
  • Bring us your constipation.
  • Bring us your 4am visit after eating two value meals worth of Taco Bell.

The Bamboo Toilet Stool assures you one thing: you’ll leave the bathroom feeling like a million dollars.

Your body will be upright, happy and in the right position to let the good times roll.

The Bamboo Toilet Stool. We’re #1 when it comes to #2. Guaranteed.

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