Toilet Squatting Poop Stool:
Pooping With The JSY jellyfish storey Adjustable Bamboo Bathroom Stool Is A Completely Different Story!

Use This Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool To Lift Up Your Legs Into A Squatting Posture, Align Your Colon Correctly, And Feel Your Poop Just “Fall Out” Without Any Strain. Satisfying Every Time!

This bamboo toilet stool is designed to give you the exact experience you imagine when you think “outstanding poop”. That’s because it completely aligns your colon. By doing that, when you “need to go”, everything just flows out naturally without any strain or worry – leaving you feeling relieved, relaxed, and completely clean.

You will no longer need to worry about whether you’re “really done” or if “it’s all out” with the JSY Jellyfish Storey adjustable bamboo toilet stool!

Just take a look at how easily it will fit into your bathroom with its half-moon design, below.

Squatting Stool - The Most Adjustable - With A Patented Design

Our toilet squatting stool is known for the benefits it provides above and beyond what any other toilet stool is capable of offering. Here are some of the exclusive benefits only our bathroom stool can claim due to its unique patented design.

5 Adjustable Positions – Every body is different. Some are tall, some are short, some may have a more difficult time in one position or another. Our experience has shown us that every person is different and that’s why our stool adjusts to 5 different positions between 6” to 10” in height.

Thoroughly Tested For Any Chemicals – And was found free by the REACH standard in the EU (which tests for 183 chemicals), CPSIA standards, and California Prop standards. It is anti-microbial, mold and mildew resistant. This is one safe stool, with a full FSC certificate

Comes with Extra Non-Skid Pads – On the bottom of the stool are non-skid pads to keep the stool in place while you are having an extra awesome poo, there are black ones installed currently and extra clear ones that come with it.

Improve Your Family’s Bathroom Experience

This adjustable bamboo toilet stool is not only for adults but can also be used by children. When your children learn to use the right posture during their bowel movements while they are young. It builds good habits for later in life and they will experience far less of the problems mentioned above. It can be a fun family project!

Get this toilet foot stool for your bathroom and begin enjoying your bathroom time more than ever before!

You’ll love:

  • knowing that you are using the correct posture for your colon alignment
  • the feeling you get when you have a truly fantastic, effortless poop
  • the ease and convenience of this easy-to-tuck away stool and its high-quality design