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When Was The Last Time You Had A Truly ‘Fantastic Poop’?

The Quality Of Your Poop Has A Lot To Do With The Quality Of Your Gastrointestinal Health, And Therefore The Quality Of Your Life!

Dear reader,

We live in a new world where talking about bowel movements is much less taboo than it has been in the past. Why?

It’s because millions upon millions of people are realizing — when it comes to your health, “pooping is important”.

What’s interesting is, the way we poop now – in a sitting position with our legs straight in front of us at a 90-degree angle – is not the way our ancestors pooped. Humans used to eliminate their bowels from a squatting position, with their legs up a bit higher in relation to their torso.

This squatting position leads to a straighter alignment of your colon and makes pooping easier, allowing everything to come out, which means toxic waste doesn’t get stuck in there for any longer than it has to!

People in India still perform their daily constitutional in this way, and many people in the West are now finding it easier to experience a fully satisfying complete elimination of their bowels (read: a fantastic poop) by doing the same.

Aren’t you tired of:

  • Feeling as if you may not have completely eliminated your bowels?
  • Straining to poop and using your muscles to push while defecating?
  • Not having a consistent schedule or quality of your bowel movements?
  • Being unsure about “what it’s going to be like in there” this time?
  • Itching, uncomfortable and painful hemorrhoids?
  • Constipation?
  • Weak pelvic floor and bladder issues?